Our mission



Other companies aren't consistent.
Standard industry companies have 10+ different videographers in rotation. You never know what you're going to get from an inconsistent group. It might be their first day on the job or unqualified to handle the equipment and ceremonies. 
With over 100 weddings in experience, our dual videographer team come prepared with efficiency and seasoned understanding of what you need and expect from a perfect wedding film.

Other companies charge extra for unnecessary reasons.
Other videographers are always finding a way to inch an extra payment by charging for their "add-ons."  Everything from sliding shots, to an extra hour or two of ceremony shots.
We know if we're filming your wedding, we are going to do the best job we can. That requires covering all major events and using all of our best equipment. Special moments happen at every minute of the day, so we come with the above and beyond spirit of our team to capture them.

Other companies take their sweet time to give you a product.
The average turnaround from our competitors is over 2 months. They'll keep you waiting by the phone and checking your email for a product that should've been yours in less than half that.
That's why our concise and efficient team is dedicated to fulfilling your order in a timely matter. We want to fulfill our promise on a great product while you still have that honeymoon sun tan.